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Adaptec iSCSI Initiator Driver

This is the second release of the iSCSI Initiator Software version for Windows NT 4. This include drivers, firmware, iConfig and SNMP. When the windows ISCSI initiator was in the early stages (Vera) it was a buggy ride, and when you combined it with e.g Adaptec ISCSI. 2 ▷ AN-DBPc: Installing and Configuring the Adaptec iSCSI Card C on Red Hat A pre-determined initiator name for the Adaptec card (for example.

Adaptec iSCSI Initiator Windows 7 64-BIT

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Adaptec iSCSI Initiator Driver

Portal groups are described in [ RFC ].

Adaptec iSCSI Initiator Windows 7

Normal iSCSI names will be 80 characters or less; max length is Normally, only one or a few values will be in the list. Using the equivalence search on this will evaluate to "true" if any one of the items in this list matches the query. If this list contains the default name "any", any initiator is allowed to access this Adaptec iSCSI Initiator, provided it matches Adaptec iSCSI Initiator other auth-xxx attributes.

How Does iSCSI Work? - iSCSI SANs Compared

This attribute contains security policy information. If this list contains the default name "any", any IP address is allowed access to this target, provided it matches the other auth-xxx attributes.

This list works precisely like the auth-name attribute. A name appearing in this list must either appear in the access-list, or the access-list must contain Adaptec iSCSI Initiator initiator name "iscsi". Otherwise, an initiator will be unable to find its boot target. If boot-list contains the name "iscsi", any host can boot from it, but I am not sure if Adaptec iSCSI Initiator is useful to anyone.

Adaptec boosts iSCSI

If this attribute is not registered, this target is not "bootable". It is quite possible that other attributes will need to be defined here for booting as well. This list may be expanded in the future. There is no default. This protocol is defined in [ ISNS ]. When multiple servers are discovered for a given Adaptec iSCSI Initiator type, this parameter indicates their relative precedence.

For example, with iSNS, the primary server has the lowest value value 0.

Security Considerations The SLPv2 security model as specified in [ RFC ] does not provide confidentiality but does provide an authentication mechanism for UAs to ensure that service advertisements only come from trusted SAs, with the exception that it does Adaptec iSCSI Initiator provide a mechanism to authenticate "zero-result responses". Once a target or management server is discovered, authentication and authorization are handled by the iSCSI protocol, or by the management server's protocol.

It is the responsibility of the providers of these services to ensure that an inappropriately advertised or discovered service does not compromise their security. When no security is used for SLPv2, there is a risk of distribution of false discovery information. The primary countermeasure for this risk is authentication. For example, if an attacker distributes discovery information falsely claiming that it is an iSCSI target, it will lack the secret information necessary to complete IKE authentication Adaptec iSCSI Initiator iSCSI Adaptec iSCSI Initiator authentication successfully and therefore will be prevented from falsely sending or receiving iSCSI traffic.

A risk remains of a denial of service attack based on repeated use of false discovery information that will cause initiation of IKE negotiation. The countermeasures for this are administrative configuration of each iSCSI Target to limit the Adaptec iSCSI Initiator it is willing to communicate with i.

These three measures i. The auth-name, auth-addr, auth-cred, and boot-list attributes comprise security policy information. IPsec is mandatory-to-implement for IPS clients and servers.

Adaptec iSCSI Initiator Driver

When SLPv2 can be used to distribute auth-name, auth-addr, auth-cred, and boot-list information see section 5. Service type templates for iSCSI targets and storage management servers are presented.

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