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Agfa ePhoto 1280 Digital Camera Driver

Expert news, reviews and videos of the latest digital cameras, lenses, accessories, and phones. Get answers to your Agfa ePhoto Announced Oct 9  Sensor type‎: ‎CCD. If you're one of those weirdos (like me) that wants a digital camera to look like a digital camera then you'll love the ePhoto because it. Download AGFA ePhoto Digital Camera Driver (Digital Camera / Webcam / Camcorder).

Agfa ePhoto 1280 Digital Camera Treiber

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Agfa ePhoto 1280 Digital Camera Driver

Select your desired aperture. The camera automatically selects the proper exposure time for that aperture.

Agfa ePhoto 1280

This setting can be used for creative depth-of-field images. The choices are: Select your desired shutter speed.

Agfa ePhoto 1280 Digital Camera Driver Windows

External Flash Changing Advanced Settings cont. To set the white point manually: A message appears prompting you to aim the camera at the area with the desired white point.

While aiming the lens at the desired white point, press in the EasyPilot button. A confir- mation message appears.

Page 33 Changing Advanced Settings cont. Depending on your external flash configuration and aperture requirements, select from the following options: The sizes in this menu refer to the desired aperture size, and the times in seconds indicate the shutter speed. To use the external Agfa ePhoto 1280 Digital Camera mode, follow these steps: Battery life is good to poor as with Agfa ePhoto 1280 Digital Camera LCD-only digicams, this could be improved by using a lithium rechargable battery like the Sony Mavicas.

But there is utility in the theory of using AA-size cells, they're readily available at the local store in the event that your rechargables go dead when you've left the charger at home.

The ergonomics of the take a little getting used to, at first it is slightly awkward to hold but this soon becomes second nature. The user controls are simple but powerful and put in the right places considering the size and shape of the camera.

The lens is threaded so you can put 46mm filters on it to protect the lens or use auxilliary closeup filters to get even closer than it already gets in macro mode. Considering the weight For lab work you'd definitely want the optional AC power supply to keep the weight down and not have to worry Agfa ePhoto 1280 Digital Camera replacing the batteries.

Steve's Digicams - Agfa ePhoto Review

Agfa will be bringing out another new digicam Agfa ePhoto 1280 Digital Camera called the ePhoto Agfa ePhoto 1280 Digital Camera will have all the same features of the except for the x resolution mode. The price of course will be even lower than the and might better fit your budget if you don't need the ultra high resolution mode for printing your pictures. As always, all opinions expressed in this user review are mine and mine alone. I speak for no camera manufacturer or camera store, I'm just a consumer who spends his money the way you do - one dollar at a time OK, so maybe a thousand at a time!

Download Agfa ePhoto Digital Camera

While at my local camera store I took a hip-shot of the salesman and positioned the camera so that I intentionally got a four-foot double flourescent fixture directly behind his head. Agfa ePhoto 1280 Digital Camera shot with the camera in total default "auto everything" mode and was amazed to see the results.

The guy's face and body were perfectly exposed even with the bright light directly behind his head. I also took several pictures of the sales lady behind the counter to see how well the red eye reduction flash worked. The first shot was head on with normal flash and one of her eyes showed the usual red eye effect.

I told her to smile again and look directly at the camera and switched it to "red eye" mode on the flash and took a second picture. Both of her pupils were brightly lit with the flash and not one single bit of red showed in Agfa ePhoto 1280 Digital Camera eye. I read a user review of the Ephoto by someone on CompuServe and he complained that the camera didn't do well with flesh tones. I have to totally disagree as the shots I took today of the guy and the gal at the camera store both had very natural and continuous looking skin tones.

I took one of the shots of the gal and printed it out at 96dpi in PhotoImpact which made it literally fill the entire page on my Epson Stylus Photo printer. It's hard to tell it from a real photo made by film and chemicals. The same picture when printed at dpi was about 4x6 inches Agfa ePhoto 1280 Digital Camera it looked better than most of my prints from my 35mm film camera and Kodak Professional photo finishing.

Agfa ePhoto MP Digital Camera - Black for sale online eBay

All of these pictures were taken in the " HI" mode which is x with very low JPG compression. At this same camera store they have a big fish tank in the center of the store with an underwater camera in it. I positioned myself so that the front glass door was behind the tank with Agfa ePhoto 1280 Digital Camera strong afternoon Florida sunlight coming in through it.

Agfa ePhoto 1280 Digital Camera Treiber

I forced the flash off and took a hand held shot of the tank with the glare of the overhead flourescent lights bouncing off of the glass and the sunlight streaming in behind it.

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