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Asus A6Km 210 Driver

Все драйвера для ASUS A6Km на ОС: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7. Скачать BIOS VerAS , Vista 32bit, -, ,86 KBytes, скачать. When I boot my Ubuntu on my Asus A A6km laptop with a USB . I have managed to fix the DSDT and patch it into the BIOS version Download ASUS A6Km BIOS v Download ASUS A6Km POWER4 GEAR v driver Download ASUS A6Km POWER NOW Utility v driver.

Asus A6Km 210 64x

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Supported systems: Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, 2008, Vista, 2003, XP, Other
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Asus A6Km 210 Driver

Unfortunately, the sound is still posing problem I don't know what to do for this Comment 18 muumuplaa Don't bother upgrading - at least on my notebook the mouse bug is still there.

Asus A6Km 210 Update

Here's the changelog: I think that this functions makes some initialization in pci area and if it is bus 0 device 3 it can skip it because asus a6km makes it. This is kernel 2. Comment 20 Alexander Jenisch No usb mouse problem at boot time with oryginal bios Asus A6Km 210 and oryginal dsdt.

Alas snd-intel8x0 works to with exterlnal amplifier, headphones and Finaly with this modyfication my linux Why is that? Can enybody check this dsdt.

On my linux it solve this bug without kernel patch. Comment 25 mafm This notebook is quite a pain in the ass, some people with similar models maybe the same?

Boot problem with a USB device connected - Feisty Fawn -

I never Asus A6Km 210 USB-mouse-on-init and Asus A6Km 210 to work, even if I tested half a dozen kernel versions both from Debian and vanillaapplied patches, used new 1. I think that some of the people who got rid of Asus A6Km 210 problems had slightly different configurations. I'm trying now to get technical "support" as other person says, they refuse to help you with anything but WindowsXP to provide the old AS BIOS version again from their webpages, because I don't know what else I could do now The sad part is that I already knew of these problems I investigated a bit before buying it, and stumbled upon this bug report, among othersbut since people seemed to get it to work, I thought that the problem was already being fixed in recent versions, so I decided to buy it anyway.

So this is a warning for people who might be seeing this and are thinking about buying this notebook, or very similar models. It's a pity, because it's a nice piece of hardware About DSDT: Comment 28 mafm Those methods are apparently [1] making comparisons only, not executing anything; and as you say there are only 3 instead of 4, so apparently one USB is missing The problem to produce a patch out of this, IMO, Asus A6Km 210 that you would have to find a way to identify exactly that system to know whether to skip the initialization of that device Asus A6Km 210 not, and since people seems to have problems with these series of notebooks depending on concrete models or configurations, probably it's Asus A6Km 210 to get it right.

And anyway, I think that applying those kind of hacks to the kernel is not the cleanest solution although maybe it's the norm, I've never put much attention to the internals of the kernel. Anyway, maybe we should make a web Asus A6Km 210 explaining this? There are a few guides out there, but often in non-english languages and a bit outdated, and not explaining some of these new discoveries. My complaints to the "support" staff for the Asus A6Km 210 BIOS don't seem to make them react at all Asus A6Km 210 problem depends on acpi pci configuration.

Linux kernel initializes one by one every usb entry in DSDT but in fact it initializes three times the same device. About sound: Comment 30 mafm Do you want me to test some kernel patch, or the DSDT fix should be enough?

Asus a6km windows 7

I was reading some ALSA docs about enabling external amplifier for Dell Inspiron or so, and worked -- other fixes such as enabling Surround or echoing magic numbers to registers gathered from bug reports about the same laptop model weren't working for me. Comment 31 tibor I'm using kernel linux Is the Asus A6Km 210 patch 22 eliminate the problem or is there any other settings?

Comment 32 Zero3Cool I can confirm that this bug still exists.

Asus A6Km 210 Drivers Windows

My setup: Ubuntu Gutsy Beta 7. BIOS version: Comment 33 Shaohua

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