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Game Genie is a brand-new feature of ZenUI , and one that's packed with brilliant features to enhance your playtime! Game Genie is your ROG Phone's gaming ally. It's a handy ROG Phone: Take control with Game Genie. Opinions about ASUS Game Genie. There are opinions about ASUS Game Genie yet. Be the first! Comment Ask.

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Asus Genie Driver

Asus Genie had been bugging me to help him set up his own YouTube channel so he could upload his videos while playing MineCraft, FiveNightsatFreddys and all those other weird games kids are going crazy about.

I do apologize as this was our very Asus Genie time to create this kind of video. I must admit though that it was quite fun actually.

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So I guess, you Asus Genie expect more, videos from Calvin or even me in the future…. Newsletter Want more stuff like this? Get the best viral stories straight into your inbox!

Don't worry, we don't spam See more. Kind of a mess, but we still appreciate all the available control schemes in the navigation menu. By default the ROG Phone comes set at 90Hz and given the Asus Genie fluidity of motion that provides, plus having tested the Asus Genie endurance in both modes, we are fairly confident in recommending this as the mode to use. There is really no reason not to enjoy it.

Asus Genie Driver (2019)

Splendid is the name of choice of the color settings menu. In all fairness, it is pretty in-depth and includes Asus Genie like a scheduled Asus Genie light filter, three color modes, as well as manual adjustment sliders. Still, like we already mentioned in the display section, there Asus Genie much in the way of user adjustment that can be done to improve the color accuracy of the panel.

Asus Genie Windows 8 X64

Plus, anything other than the default "Wide color gamut" mode simply looks washed-out and terrible. Security and lock screen settings The organizational mess continues in the Asus Genie and lock screen settings menu. The obvious things are here and Asus Genie for, like the fingerprint reader manager, thankfully backed-up by a Face recognition feature, seeing how the former is really not convenient to use on the ROG Phone.

Then Asus Genie are less relevant setting here, like the Wallpaper slideshow feature and the optional weather animation on the lock screen. Don't get us wrong though, both are still pretty nifty, just not very well organised.

Battery settings At least the battery settings menu is less confusing overall. All the standard Android percentage and usage breakdown values are present.

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There is also a convenient shortcut Asus Genie leads out into the Asus battery management centre - a separate app which we will discuss in a bit. Probably the most odd bit, however, is the entry for "TwinView" dock battery modes.

Asus ROG Phone review

Asus Genie This will surely perplex anybody who happens to own the ROG Phone, but not the optional accessory. Perhaps they should only be visible if the dock is detected?

Better still, why not have them pop-up in a separate menu, only accessible once the accessory is plugged-in? Advanced Asus Genie This really is rather indicative of a bigger problem concerning proper organization on the ROG Phone.

We definitely get and appreciate the sheer extent of the Asus Genie set we are dealing with here, but that shouldn't be an excuse not to keep things well organized. To Asus' credit, though, they appear to be actively addressing the issue, which is really not a common sight. What we mean is that one of the OTA updates we received Asus Genie moved quite a few of these "stray" options and features under one roof in the Advanced menu.

How to disable Game Genie on your Zenfone 3 / Zenfone 4

Asus Genie Advanced features Some of these are pretty self-explanatory and some are definitely more interesting than others. Page Marker is a web linting tool. Twin apps, deserves a shout-out for the full list Asus Genie supported apps it provides, with links for you to get them from the Play Store. ZeniMoji is Asus' attempts at copying the big boys in their efforts for animated emojis.

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