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Asus R9 NANO Series Driver

GRAPHICS ENGINE: AMD RADEON R9 NANO MEMORY: 4 GB BIT. Model. specification. Bus Interface. Chipset. Series. GPU Model. Technology. Reach immersive awareness and make the virtual world seem “real” with LiquidVR-enabled AMD Radeon™ R9 Nano Series graphics. AMD LiquidVR™. ASUS Radeon™ R9 Nano packs a serious performance punch and exclusive GPU Tweak II and XSplit Gamecaster in a revolutionary small form factor, a new.

Asus R9 NANO Series Driver Download

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Asus R9 NANO Series Driver

No tearing. Just gaming. Compatible with the newest DirectX 12 Technology Meets the standards of the newest games with the latest Direct X driver compatibility. Extreme 4K Gaming for serious gamers.

Overview Features Specs Radeon is faster. Radeon is immersive.

Asus R9 NANO Series Driver Download

Radeon is gaming. Brand AMD.

AMD Radeon R9 Nano

Overall AMD has spent the last several months Asus R9 NANO Series and releasing a whole whack of new GPUs for the gaming market Asus R9 NANO Series in our observation, has also put quite some emphasis on putting out new graphics cards that cater as much as possible to the growing market for 4K-capable gaming capacity. The Good The business of creating small form-factor SFF components is a serious market in the PC world and what at first started as only a light effort at shrinking the main components of current PCs has turned into something of a race for the greatest possible miniaturization with the greatest possible performance power being kept.

Key Specs Shader Units: Highlights The main highlights of the Radeon R9 Nano are, like we mentioned, its compact sized design, its air-cooled architecture, the cars wonderfully efficient power management and Asus R9 NANO Series high bandwidth memory architecture that the Nano shares with a number of the latest AMD GPUs. Editor Rating.

AMD Radeon R9 Nano graphics card tech specs and details revealed PCWorld

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Asus R9 NANO Series Vista

However, the board itself is even smaller than the Fury X, sizing up at just Asus R9 NANO Series inches end-to-end. Refactored with the burgeoning small form-factor PC market in mind, the Nano needs to be cool and quiet - and with that comes compromise. The Nano brings that Asus R9 NANO Series a notch to W, a factor of a significant drop in clock-speed. However, unlike the air-cooled Fury, it retains the full shaders of the top-tier model, with AMD telling us that the amount of cores in operation should mitigate the loss of the raw speed - something we'll address shortly.

Physically, the card is gorgeous - it features premium build materials, and a quiet fan rated at just 42dB we couldn't hear the fan in an office environment, even on an open-air test bed. It's a world apart from the cheap plastics and loud noise of AMD's series reference designs.

ASUS R9 Nano delivers pumped gaming performance in a revolutionary small form factor

Our only gripe comes from the dreaded 'coil whine' - the R9 Nano is much louder here than the Fury X, a card we re-tested during production of this Asus R9 NANO Series. It sounds akin to a constant buzzing, something that may be unique to our particular review sample. Physically, the card has many similarities with the top-end Fury X, specifically in terms of its video outputs.

Asus R9 NANO Series Drivers Windows XP

However, the reduction in operating power to W means that power input configuration changes - the two eight-pin PSU inputs on the Fury X are reduced to just one on the Nano. So the question is, how well does it perform?

Open Box: ASUS Radeon R9 Nano R9NANO-4G Video Card -

AMD says that the card should match non-X Fury performance, but the truth is that it doesn't - however, in many scenarios it gets very close indeed. As Asus R9 NANO Series, our initial test for getting the measure of a GPU is our Crysis 3 gameplay challenge - where we attempt to hit a sustained 60Hz at native resolution, and for the new generation of 'uber' cards, we still think that p is the sweet spot. We tried very high settings with SMAA T2x anti-aliasing, and found that none Asus R9 NANO Series the Furies could quite hit the target, with the Nano falling a little behind the air-cooled, cut-down Fiji.

However, dropping down from the very high to the high preset frees up a significant amount of GPU headroom - enough for the Nano to hand in a tight, consistent 60fps experience with just a minimal amount of dropped frames. For those with a FreeSync monitor, we've found that the technology works wonders in combination with Asus R9 NANO Series frame-rate lock - and AMD's frame-rate control option at 50fps in combination with the adaptive sync technology should work really nicely if you'd like to retain the top-end effects work.

In the Crysis 3 gameplay challenge, the idea is to match resolution and refresh rate - in this case, we're aiming for x at 60Hz with the game at its very high preset. Unfortunately, only the top-end Fury X gives a convincing showing - we need high settings to get the job done on the Nano. Our first benchmark is something Asus R9 NANO Series a warm-up round for these cards, but it gives us some real comparable numbers to start off with.

A Review of the AMD Radeon R9 NANO 4K-capable GPU

The Mini comes in about 20 percent behind the Nano, at just over half the price. The gap between the high end cards is much lower, with just over 10 percent between them.

Suffice to say, all of these high-end cards are more than capable of handling most modern games at p with the settings cranked all the way up. The only exception to that is Crysis 3, a game that still humbles the most bravado gaming machines. In fact, a lot of these cards are overkill.

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But you probably already know that. Is the Nano really up to the task?

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