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Aaeon PCM-6892 Driver

Aaeon PCM Embedded CPU Boards Onboard VIA C3 1GHz, Eden /MHz processor. Buy the AAEON TF-PCMA from AAEON Boards after requesting a quote. Call us at +1 Download the latest aaeon pcm manual. Check out and print aaeon pcm manual for free. All-in-One Single Board Computer onboard VIA C3 EBGA.

Drivers Update: Aaeon PCM-6892

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Aaeon PCM-6892 Driver

Aaeon PCM-6892 Manual

Page Standard Cmos Features Chapter Aaeon PCM-6892 award bios setup 39 standard cmos features this standard setup menu allows users to configure system components such as the date, time, hard disk drive, floppy drive, display, and memory. Online help for each field can be accessed by pressing f1.

Aaeon PCM-6892 Date and time configuration the bios determ This section does Aaeon PCM-6892 show information about other ide devices, such as a cd-rom drive, Aaeon PCM-6892 other hard drive types, such as scsi drives. Chapter 3 award bios setup 41 here is a brief explanation of drive specifications: Note that this size is usually slightly greater than the size of a formatted disk given by a disk-checking program.

Halt On 42 pcm user manual halt on during the power-on-self-test postthe computer stops if the bios detects a hardware error.

Aaeon PCM-6892 Windows 8 Drivers Download (2019)

You can tell bios to ignore certain errors during post and continue the boot-up process. The choices: Memory Chapter 3 award bios setup 43 memory you cannot change any values in the memory fields; they are only for your information. Ram Aaeon PCM-6892 counted in kilobytes kb: Ram is the computer's working memory, where the comput Advanced Bios Features 44 pcm user manual advanced bios features the displayed configuration is based on the manufacturer's setup defaults Aaeon PCM-6892.

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Virus warning when enabled, you receive a warning message if a program specifically, a virus attempts to write to the boot sector or the Aaeon PCM-6892 table Aaeon PCM-6892 the hard di The external cache field may not appear if your system does not have external cache memory. Cpu l Boot other device if your boot device is not included in the fo Boot Up Numlock Status Chapter 3 award bios setup 47 boot up numlock status toggle between on or off to control the state of the numlock key when the system boots.

When toggled on, the numeric keypad generates numbers instead of controlling cursor operations.

Gate a20 option Aaeon PCM-6892 a20 refers to the wa Security Option 48 pcm user manual security option if you have set a password, select whether the password is required every time the system boots, Aaeon PCM-6892 only when you enter setup. Small Logo Epa Show Chapter 3 award bios setup 49 enable shadowing into each section of memory separately.

Many system designers hardwire Aaeon PCM-6892 of the system bios and eliminate a system bios shadow option. Video bios shadows into memory are cc7fff.

Aaeon PCM-6892 The remaining areas shown on the bios features setup screen ma Advanced Chipset Features 50 pcm user manual advanced chipset features dram timing by spd this item allows you to select the value in this field, depending on whether the board has paged drams or edo extended Aaeon PCM-6892 output drams. Dram clock this item allows you to control the dram speed.

Aaeon PCM-6892 64x

Bank Interleave Chapter 3 award bios setup 51 bank interleave select 2 bank or 4-bank interleave for Aaeon PCM-6892 sdram. If mb sdram is installed, leave disabled.

Aaeon PCM Manual

Memory hole in order to improve performance, certain space in Aaeon PCM-6892 is reserved for isa cards. This memory must be ma Frame Buffer Size 52 pcm user manual frame buffer size select a size for the pci frame buffer.

The size of the buffer should not impinge on local Aaeon PCM-6892. Agp aperture size select the size of accelerated graphics port agp aperture. The aperture is a portion of the pci memory a Usb Keyboard Support Chapter 3 award bios setup 53 usb keyboard support select enabled if your system contains a universal serial bus Aaeon PCM-6892 and you have a usb keyboard. Onchip sound this item allows you to control the onboard via vt82cb audio.

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