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Argox AS-9500 Driver

Argox AS Barcode Scanners · Send Inquiry · Laser Barcode Scanner. Zoom. close. Laser Barcode Scanner. Laser Barcode Scanner · Send Inquiry. Argox has launched its first 2D scanner, the AS The new handheld scanner is small, lightweight and easy-to-use, and not only does it read all popular 1D. ARGOX. Empower the Barcode. ArgoScan. 2D Barcode Imager. AS Series. HIBC. Health Care Bar Code conformity. ASg. ARGOX. ASHD.

Argox AS-9500 Driver PC

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Argox AS-9500 Driver

You can set the image size to a VGA resolution to accommodate older applications that require a smaller image size. Scanning mode: When in serial mode, the imager scans until a bar code has been read or until the deactivate command is Argox AS-9500.


In serial mode, the Argox AS-9500 can also be set to turn itself off after a specified time has elapsed see Read Time-Out, which follows. When the trigger is pulled, the imager powers up and operates until there Argox AS-9500 no triggering for the time set with the Low Power Time-Out bar code below. There is a delay of up to one second in operation when the imager is first triggered, but there is no delay when operating in low power time-out mode.

The LEDs are either off or at the lowest power for ambient conditions until a bar code is presented to the imager. Argox AS-9500 the LEDs turn on automatically to read the code.

Argox AS-9500

Auto-sense Mode uses ambient light to detect the bar codes. If the light level in the room is not high enough, Argox AS-9500 Mode may not work properly. Snap and Ship Snap and Ship mode allows you to bypass the decoder and ship an Argox AS-9500 directly to the host.

Argox AS-9500 In this mode, an image is taken and shipped upon each trigger pull, instead of being sent to the decoder. Snap and Ship is useful when you are using your own decoder. If you use Snap and Ship when the imager is connected to another interface, it calls the decoder after each image ship, Argox AS-9500 only to look for menu codes.

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Once the imager has timed out, you can activate the imager by pressing the trigger. After scanning the Read Time-Out bar code, Argox AS-9500 the time-out duration frommilliseconds by scanning digits from the inside back cover, then scanning Save.

Then scan the time-out duration from seconds from the inside back cover, and Save. If the unit remains idle during the Argox AS-9500 power time-out interval, the unit goes into low power mode.

Argox AS9500 2D

Whenever the trigger is enabled, the low power Argox AS-9500 timer is reset. To set the duration of this delay, scan the bar code below, then set the time-out by scanning digits 0 - 9, msthen scanning Save.

Once the unit has completed this time-out, it will immediately Argox AS-9500 scanning. Auto-sense Sensitivity Auto-sense Sensitivity is a numeric range that increases or decreases the imager's reaction time to bar code Auto-sense.

Argox AS-9500 Drivers for Windows Mac

To set the sensitivity, scan the Sensitivity bar code, then scan the degree Page: If the hardware trigger is pulled when using a hands Argox AS-9500 mode, the imager changes to manual trigger mode. Argox AS-9500 can set the time the imager should remain in manual trigger mode by setting the Hands Free Time-Out.

Argox AS 2D Barcode Imager Gnox Systems Solution

Once the time-out value is reached, if there have been no further trigger pulls the imager reverts to the original hands free mode. Scan the Hands Free Time-Out bar code, then scan the time-out duration fromArgox AS-9500 from the inside back cover, and Save. Turning this option off, only turns off the beeper Argox AS-9500 to a good read indication. All error and menu beeps are still audible. Volume The beeper Argox AS-9500 codes modify the volume of the beep the imager emits on a good read.

Argox AS-9500 Windows Vista 64-BIT

Frequency The beeper pitch codes modify the pitch of the beep the imager emits on a good read. Duration Argox AS-9500 beeper duration codes modify the length of the beep the imager emits on a good read.

If user turned off vibrator and beeper, then the LED indicator Argox AS-9500 be Off. Vibrator The vibrator provides a Argox AS-9500 feature to AS that user can understand whether the data is well scanned and sent to Host PC under an adverse circumstance that the beep sound may not be heard, or a circumstance requiring extreme quiet that the beep sounds are not allowed.

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