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AdvanSys 3940 Ultra2Wide Driver

AdvanSys ABPUW/ABPUW. AdvanSys . Tekram DCU2W PCI Ultra2-Wide SCSI adapter with flash BIOS. For the Tekram. , Advansys, PC,adaptor,datacomms,SCSI,Ultra 2,wide,AdvanSys, Brand Advansys. ; Brand Advansys; Mfr Part No. ASBU2W. AdvanSys ABPUW/ABPUW; AdvanSys ABPUW; AdvanSys . Tekram DCU2W PCI Ultra2-Wide SCSI adapter with flash BIOS.

AdvanSys 3940 Ultra2Wide Drivers for Windows Mac

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Supported systems: Windows 2008, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7/8/10
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AdvanSys 3940 Ultra2Wide Driver

The higher the number the more output. By default the debug level is 0. The following command line will look for an adapter at 0x and set the debug level to 2.

AdvanSys 3940 Ultra2Wide Windows 7 64-BIT

The following insmod command will set the debug level to one. Errors Only 1: High-Level Tracing AdvanSys 3940 Ultra2Wide Rather than read data from the media, most modern disks have a reasonable size cache in the drive electronics. Although there is no requirement in the SCSI standards for any level of performance from the Read Buffer command, on most modern disks, this command can source data close to the maximum bandwidth of the SCSI AdvanSys 3940 Ultra2Wide.

April 12, - Fixed a bug where components that are not suitable for use as hot spares were not being closed.

IO timings with sg

November 17, - More bug fixing. Fortunatly the problems being fixed AdvanSys 3940 Ultra2Wide occur with "normal operation" of the RAID set. November 14, - Fixed a couple of obscure bugs. Some of them are really just making sure the user doesn't do something stupid.

Others just reduce the risk of lossage in the event of an inopportune reboot of a machine e. Amazingly enough, after these fixes, there was actually a net reduction in the number of items on the todo list! AdvanSys 3940 Ultra2Wide 12, - Fixed a little bug that was causing nasty problems with reconstructs.

They've been working well together for some time, but a bug that's been there since at least the RAIDframe 1. October 11, - AdvanSys 3940 Ultra2Wide 'poolified' quite a few structures. This is important for SMP.

This should result in a more responsive system, as much less work is being done at splbio. September 8, - When failing a component, close the component. This lets us hot-swap out the component, or AdvanSys 3940 Ultra2Wide other things with the closed component. Also fixed was the issue of being able to initate a 'reconstruct-in-place' on an AdvanSys 3940 Ultra2Wide failed and reconstructed to a hot-spare component.

AdvanSys Ultra2Wide driver - AdvanSys Storage Drivers -

August 7, - Checked in a bunch of locking fixes. There are probably more fixes needed yet, but these changes go a long way to making things happier for SMP. August 2, - Ok, so this list hasn't been kept as up-to-date as one might have liked. AdvanSys 3940 Ultra2Wide

AdvanSys 3940 Ultra2Wide Driver

Mostly doing little fixes and nuking unused bits of code. June 12, - Wow And still nothing more to report today.

Drivers for AdvanSys 3940 Ultra2Wide

October 4, - disentangled AdvanSys 3940 Ultra2Wide header files of RAIDframe. Two new headers raidframevar. Gotta like good press: July 16, - Turns out that unconfiguring multi-level RAID sets at shutdown time was a lot easier to do than expected.

A half-dozen lines of real code, and multi-level RAID sets now get unconfigured they way one might expect them to at shutdown time. Thanks to Bill Squier for testing. AdvanSys 3940 Ultra2Wide the driver in question has a manual page in the FreeBSD base distribution most shouldit is referenced here.

Information on specific models of supported devices, controllers, etc.

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